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I'm a Software developer from India. Here, you'll find my projects, blogs and social profiles.
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My Tech Stack
GodisDB is a Redis-like in-memory key-value Database but multithreaded unlike Redis. It supports a lot of Redis commands and can also be connected through redis-cli.
Flow Friend
Flow Friend is a Period Tracking Whatsapp Bot for Women. It is designed to help users track their menstrual cycles. The bot provides features such as period tracking and reminders.
Pdf Crunch
Pdf Crunch is an In-browser PDF Compressor designed to reduce the size of your PDF documents, making it easier to share and store documents.
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Crafting software that prioritizes exceptional user experience brings me great joy.
I document my learnings through Technical blogs, simplifying complex concepts.
Building my own Redis in Go - Part 1
Introduction I've always wanted to understand how Redis works internally and how its features are built. So, I decided to create my own version of Redis, but in Go (Redis is actually built in C)...
Understanding Scroll Driven Animations in CSS
Scroll-driven animations are 'animations that are triggered as the user scrolls through a webpage,' according to ChatGPT. I always wanted to build a personal website with cool scroll-based...

WTF is an event loop in Javascript
You probably already know that JavaScript is a single-threaded language as you read this blog. However, JavaScript can carry out asynchronous actions that may appear to be occurring in ...
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